Audio + Video broadcast experiments over the Internet

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Live stream: Rivers of Life or Rivers of Death? (9-19h 03.04.2000)

Broadcast streams: Test streams:
Pocket TV (presented at AEF98 in Linz)
(25K video+audio)
Live audio test-stream (20K stereo)
Speed and Energy lecture from 26.03.98
(50K video+audio)
High speed RV signal (buffered playback)
Ballroom exhibition opening from 09.12.97
(50K video+audio)
Riport about RealVideo (45K video+audio)
Flusser Interview from 1992
(25K video+audio)
Riport about RealVideo (20K video+audio)

Live broadcast (08-10.09.98) from Linz via high-speed ATM interconnection
and RealVideo transcoder (detailed program can be seen here)

IP multicast experiments (only in Hungarian)

We broadcast the lecture "Speed and Energy" of Siegfried Zielinski recorded at the Mucsarnok (Kunsthalle) Budapest.

We broadcasted the events of the Internet Galaxis 98 exhibition (02.26.98-03.04.98) in Budapest. The exhibition venue, the Museum of Applied Arts, could be seen when there was no lecture or presentation.

Our first live video broadcast was the BALLROOM exhibition recorded at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. The special light+sound installation was shown between 09.12.97 - 19.12.97. The opening was recorded and can be seen here.

ParaRadio is C3's unique Internet radio station with live broadcast every Wednesday afternoon.

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